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Excel Formulas and Functions

We can do a dashboard or report from a large database combination with Excel Advanced Formulas and Functions

Advanced Uses of Excel AVERAGEIFS Function With Examples

I. WHAT IS EXCEL AVERAGEIFS FUNCTION? The Excel AVERAGEIFS Function is the advanced statistical category function that calculates the average… Read More

10 Alternate Methods: How to Copy Formatting in Excel?

Excel provides many ways to format text and values in a worksheet. For saving time we can copy the similar… Read More

06 Alternative Methods: How to Copy Formula in Excel?

It is seriously an important part of Advanced Excel - how to copy formula in Excel? The reason behind this… Read More

04 Best Options: How to Find and Remove Duplicates in Excel?

The question arises how to find and remove duplicates in Excel? When simplifying a table/dataset that contains many entries, or… Read More

04 Best Ways : How to Use Multiple Columns VLOOKUP in Excel

Multiple Columns VLOOKUP in Excel is an advanced level of the VLOOKUP formula where the formula is used once with… Read More

Tutorial 01: How to Use Excel SUMIFS Function with Single & Multiple Criteria

Excel SUMIFS function is a statistical function that returns the sum of the cell values in a range that meets… Read More

04 Best Examples: How to use INDEX MATCH Function Excel

The INDEX MATCH function Excel is often used together to make a nested formula that performs lookups. For example, both-way… Read More

Paste Special in Excel Vs Break Link – Which one is Better?

(I) WHAT IS PASTE SPECIAL IN EXCEL?Paste Special in Excel provides a more powerful advanced pasting feature with a number… Read More

How to find Circular Reference in Excel & How to Fix it?

'How to find circular reference in Excel and how to fix it' - a very common problem in Excel, because… Read More


Excel VLOOKUP Multiple Criteria┬áis an advanced feature applies in such conditions where data or value needs to be retrieved vertically… Read More

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